Overused Hair
“After many years of trying to hide my hair loss on the top of my head, I was overjoyed to locate New Horizons Hair by Bianca. My hair loss was due to over use of harsh perms and poor hair extension techniques. New Horizons treated my hair with moisturizing conditioners and hair weaves which covered and helped my hair loss without the extreme pressure and tight application I experienced in the past. I was surprised and happy to meet someone who cared about my hair, as well as my self image. This made me feel more confident when I went to work and did other activities in public. The professional atmosphere and knowledge shared with me helped me to learn to take care of the hair weave and also the braids which did wonders for my hair by allowing it to grow in with less stress. All I can say is “Thank God” for New Horizons Hair by Bianca. I don’t know what I would be wearing on my head if I was never introduced to New Horizons Hair by Bianca.” —V. Augustus, New York

Hair Genius

Bianca is a hair Genius! What would I do without her. Her work is outstanding. I’ve been coming to her for years now and Always get nothing less then a amazing QUALITY job every time. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hair. She knows exactly what I like and is the best of the best! From relaxers to coloring to weaving she’s done it all and it’s always a head turning job. — Breanna H.

Extraordinary Skills
Bianca is patient, talented and caring. Her hair styling skills are extraordinary. Bianca has been my hair stylist for many years, and I am pleased with her work. Over the years I have had extensions, weaves, hair color and cuts, and have always received compliments from people on the street, work and at home. At one point I was unable to visit the salon due to my schedule. However, the service that I received elsewhere was not the same. I am glad to say, that I am now back with New Horizons for the past two years. I recommend New Horizons Hair By Bianca to anyone who is looking for a stylist who knows her work well and is able to deliver her client’s request.— Carol A.

Bianca’s Way

“You know the saying “it’s too good to be true?” Well, Bianca’s Way is the exception. Bianca’s way is not like any other weave, and I’ve had plenty by professionals and well those that were not so professional. I had just about given up. No, I had given up, when I was introduced to Bianca. I had been through a ten year nightmare, which began with an over processed perm which not only took my hair out, but damaged my scalp. This was followed by years of braiding and weaves and then years of treatments with dermatologist and other skin and hair specialists, including medications and painful shots. This was a very depressing situation and quite often overwhelming, time consuming and expensive. After the first consultation with Bianca, I was impressed by her knowledge, expertise, professionalism and she was empathic and understanding. Two months ago, I had the pleasure of having my hair done. Today it looks and feels actually as it did the first day. The hair is beautiful, weightless and care free. Just get up, shake your head and go. I understand this will last up to four months. Not only that, my scalp actually feels healthier, just unbelievable. I feel so blessed to have found a solution to my hair/scalp problem. Bianca’s Way, I can’t tell you how many compliments I have received. I just feel marvelous. Thank you Bianca. Stay tuned for updates.” — Anita

Natural looking hair solution for a delicate problem
“I have trichotillomania resulting in extensive hair loss on the top crown of my head. I have been looking for cosmetic solutions for months in New York and for years elsewhere. I have seen various options, various prices, various attitudes. I had two preliminary consultations with Bianca before deciding on the Evolve Volumizer and she spent an impressive amount of time and patience to answer all my questions in person and then also by email. It took a whole afternoon to get my hair done (including color, cut and styling) and she was most kind and attentive throughout the process. I had two main fears – that it would feel uncomfortable and look unnatural. Result – I hardly remember that I have the hair system at all (unless I touch my hair or look in a mirror to see my head full of hair) and no-one seems to have a minor doubt that it is my hair. I have only had it for about 10 days, and still need to get used to a number of things (mainly, to learn how to style my hair having not had a chance to work on this skill for so many years) but I can already say that it makes a huge difference in the way I look and feel about myself. It looks almost too good to be true! On top of being a hair genius, Bianca is one of the warmest persons I have ever met, which makes it so much easier when dealing with such a delicate problem. I am so looking forward to coming back for the follow-up treatments and have full confidence in Bianca. Thank you!” — S., New York, NY

Better Than Expected!
“…Today, an elegant, exquisite bronze Bianca… showcased swarms of makeup tricks. She welcomed us by igniting a voltage smile… Her mind scintillated w/brilliance as she studied each complexion before blabbing her makeup strategy. How refreshing these pasty/sallow women became after Bianca’s applications (her results spooked me out). Her tsunami of skills w/turban & scarves is formidable (2 baldies became *come-hither*). She twisted, braided, curled, whirled to morph plain, wrinkled geezers into (trumpets blaring!) fab-u-lous. She ensures that you understand how to apply this ‘n’ that w/o hurrying you. Bianca is soft as a swan, sublime & splendid; you’ll leave her LGFB session glowing, glistening & gleaming. Hell, I walked out on 34th St & almost gotta date! … She’s patient w/every attendee [gulp] & customized a blueprint for everyone’s odd face shape & skin color [gasp]. Bianca‘s talents, attentiveness & performance were mouth-watering, eye-catching, blood-tingling, hair-raising & mind-bending. Perhaps I’ll adopt her. How “Feel Better” you’ve made this Stage forever .Her ass’t was valuable, smart & stunning-looking & brandished funkadelic ½-boots to die for… For a Millennial to volunteer her teenage time to help a group of antiques says lots about the size of her heart…”- Ms. Z. Alexi