Micropoint Links

Micro Point Link is an elite solution offered for women and men with thin, fine, or thinning hair who seek volume and density. Micro Point is not a hair system. Because no glues or chemicals are used, it is the healthiest non-surgical option available anywhere Micro Point Link is a new process which links a single strand of your own growing hair with four new strands of hair..
This revolutionary process can be repeated hundreds of times to give those who qualify thousands of new strands of hair. With a special technique of using your growing hair as the microscopic anchor, new strands of hair are secured directly with your growing strands of hair without the use of adhesives, tapes or surgery. It’s quick, easy and safe.
The new strands of hair will enhance your current hairstyle, not change it, MPL provides you the ability and freedom to swim, ride in a convertible, have a head massage – you can participate in absolutely any activity you want to with complete confidence. Micro Point Link gives you a great deal of flexibility.
Simple daily shampooing and conditioning with hair-support products is necessary for you to look your best.
A personal consultation is necessary before any service.