Our Services

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Until now, hair grafts have always been associated with surgery: hair surgically removed from the patients donor area, then surgically grafted to the scalp. But what if it were possible to replicate the process without surgery? What if it were possible to take human hair from a source other than the patient,and then somehow graft it to the scalp without surgical means? Today, it is possible. So everyday activities, like shampooing and blow drying, become pleasures again. And not so everyday activities, such as skin diving or heading a soccer ball or whatever, are just as they used to be. Only this time, you’re doing them with hair. And that makes all the difference in the world.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions used to be just for celebrities or those that were follically challenged. Now that they are more accessible, women of all walks can wear them to enhance their look and expand their hairstyling options. Whether you want instant bangs, a full-bodied do or a feather ponytail, We offer a good selection of extensions and top-notch stylists to put them in (and remove them) for you. Top-quality human hair and professional hair extension and hair thickening systems.

Wedding Hair Styling + Makeup

Looking your best on your wedding day is very important for any bride! With New Horizons Hair by Bianca, we make all your wedding hair dreams come true! We use only high quality professional brands for hair and makeup to guarantee customers satisfaction. You can choose any hairstyle and makeup that you like and our makeup artists and hair stylists will be happy to create it for you! If you have thin hair it is not a problem! We can use hair extensions and create any hairstyle for you. Glamorous full makeover or natural radiance- we can do any kind of makeup for you. It’s important for us to make you feel comfortable with your makeup and also be the best version of you.

Micro Point Links

Micro Point Link is an elite solution offered for women and men with fine, or thinning hair. Micro point link creates density. Micro Point Link is not a hair system and does not require glues, chemicals or adhesives. Micro Point Link is a new process which links a single strand of your own growing hair with four new strands of hair. This revolutionary process can be repeated hundreds of times to give those who qualify thousands of new strands of hair, with a special technique of using your growing hair as the microscopic anchor.

Clip On Hair

Clip-on hair extensions allow you the flexibility of completely changing your look without spending hours in a hair salon. With clip-on hair extensions you can add dramatic highlights to your current style, or go from short hair to long hair in under an hour! Our experts will work with you to achieve the style you want, whether it’s long luxurious thick hair or daring streaks of color. Clip-on Hair extensions are your secret to achieving the natural-looking yet dramatic new hairstyle you want.

Hair Weaves and Braiding

From Cornrows to Micro Braids to Locs, you will find our professional braiding and weaving services to be second to none.


Frizzy or curly hair can be very difficult to maintain or manage on a daily basis. If you are having trouble styling your hair or want to enjoy a straight sleek hair look, try our hair relaxer system.

  • Japanese Relaxer for Pin Straight Hair
  • Thio Relaxer for all hair types
  • Keratin Treatment all hair types


At our salon, we offer exceptional hair cutting and styling services-reinventing your look. Let us add a romantic and beautiful glow to your everyday appearance!

Hair Color

For hair color, a lighter shade of brown will add lightness and airness without a dramatic color change. Here, the hair was separated into one-inch zigzag sections and then subtly lightened. A few random layers underneath were given slightly more contrast. The result is an overall lightening of the hair with a couple of additional bold highlights to create interest.