Are you aching due to trichotillomania?

Have you constantly sought remedies to maybe re-grow and recover your hair’s breadth or shine?

At New Horizons Hair by Bianca, our qualified hair baldness services NYC specialists understand what you are enduring with. Headed by Bianca Lyder, New Horizon’s stylists have decades of proficiency in hair extensions, hair replacement, weavings, interlocking, braiding, and hair design. We specialize in hair loss treatments due to pregnancy, melanoma, Alopecia, Trichotillomania, age, hormones, etc.


At our NYC salon, we believe that true beauty emanates from a person’s inner peace and self – worth. Let us help you recover your hair evolution and peace. Ring us Today (212) 759-4247 or Schedule A Consultation!


We’ve seen it all! When it comes to hair loss, you shouldn’t be self-conscious to call New Horizons Hair by Bianca. Some of Bianca’s clienteles previously included Diana Ross, Iman, Lauryn Hill, Janet Jackson, and Donatella Versace, and many more. Images of her work have appeared in numerous newspapers and trade journals including Black Hair Digest, Modern Hair and Style, Good Housekeeping, and Black Salon Client Guide. Lyder’s current work is printed in Bella Magazine and an online exclusive blog.

Whether you want more hair or just want more from the hair that you currently have, we’re skilled to help you! Let us help you regain your hair growth and strength.

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Hair Loss Struggles

“I am timid about my hair loss. Help!” Many of our clienteles have been ashamed or uncertain about their hair loss for many years, finding little to zero help with prescribed solutions or even medical procedures to get turn around of their hair loss symptoms. Although a couple can experience adjustments with these options, with our hair baldness services NYC based salon, our stylists take the time to promise you feel comfortable and realize that you have the discretion of your stylist, as well as to teach on healthy hair and skin.

Is shedding hair normal?

Yes – to a common degree – Says the American Academy of Dermatology, “normal shedding” means losing anywhere from 50 – 100 strands each day; 250 on days you wash you hair.

Specializing in...

What do you specialize in? For over 30 yrs., we have specialized in service offerings for both men and women undergoing thinning hair due to disease, lupus, alopecia, trichotillomania, or some form of shocking hair loss. We inform on how to maintain strong hair and skin by encouraging good eating ways, as well as all holistic moisturizers that improve the hair and skin. Then we provide our course for your hair thinning – whether it be a therapy, a custom wig, head wrap or stimulating the scalp to boost hair growth.

Service Offerings

Which services do you have at your hair baldness services NYC based salon? For a total catalog of our offerings, please see our services page.

Consultations by Appointment

Do you offer at no-obligation meeting your hair baldness services NYC based salon? We offer every new client a gratis meeting. We will investigate the existing complaint of your hair, talk about prescriptions you are taking or your latest medical conditions, and give selections for your treatment. We will chat about cut, shape, color and style, if so requested. At the wrap-up of our meeting with you, one our licensed hair loss consultants will propose the best option(s) for your unique hair loss challenge(s).


Our admired and well- educated hair baldness services staff are here to aid your needs. We grasp that circumstances like stress, child birth, hormonal shifts, cancer treatment, etc. can make your entire body to just feel “off” and that hair loss is something you waver to discuss openly. We will make the process as easy and directly targeted for your hair needs. It’s your hair – place it in the hands of the hair baldness services NYC experts! Reach New Horizon’s Today.

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